Head Projects

Norwegian Recreations

The Idea

The idea behind recreating places and buildings from my country Norway, is to show people its beautiful architecture through the game minecraft. Many of these buildings and places is completely unknown to people, and therefor it is a nice way for me to show them. Most of these project will be for free to download, while some might be exclusive to a server.

Barcode, Oslo

The Barcode buildings has been one of my most famous recreations. It was infact the build that started The Oslo project. The Barcode project is situated in Bjørvika, Oslo. The new modern neighbourhood of Oslo.

This was a really fun project to do. It took me 1 week to build and it was finished in February 2020.

Equinor, Fornebu

Equinor ASAs office on Fornebu has always been a facinating building for me. It got this unique jenga design with a very cool and organic glass skylight in center.

This building took me 2 days to build, and was very tricky to do, many fails was made to get the right shape. After the huge success i choose to make it downloadable for bedrock edition aswell.

Oslo Opera House, Oslo

The Oslo National Opera & Ballet is Oslos most famous building. It represent a glacier rising from the ocean and lets visitors climb its roof to get a breathtaking view of Oslo.

The Oslo Opera house is my favorite building in Oslo, and I really wanted to make a great recreation of it, since no have done that before. Its also fully decorated on the inside.

The Sami Parliament, Karasjok

The Sami Parliament is the parliamentary building for the indigenous Sami people. Located in Karasjok, Norway.

As a celebration of their national day it was built for people to learn Sami culture and history through minecraft.